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  • 3P London Ltd

    Trade & Public Welcome   Contact Information u GR-11 c 3P London Ltd t Contact Jeweller
  • A & H Jewellery

    We buy and sell gold, diamond and platinum jewellery We pay the best prices for GIA certified diamonds Contact Information u GR-34 c A & H Jewellery t 07474 949595 e Contact Jeweller
  • Available to rent

  • Available to rent

  • Available to rent

    Contact Information u GR-28 c Contact Jeweller
  • BHS Jewellery

    We buy and sell new and second hand jewellery, platinum, gold, silver, diamonds and watches.   Contact Information u GR-22/23 c BHS Jewellery t 0207 404 8048 / 07958 704959 e www. Contact Jeweller
  • BZH Jewellery

    Quality diamond rings, bracelets & watches.   Contact Information u GR-18 c BZH Jewellery t 07834 197846 Contact Jeweller
  • C. Gabay Jewellers

    Dealer in diamond, gold and silver All types of second hand jewellery   Contact Information u GR-31 c C. Gabay Jewellers t 07956 487132 e www. Contact Jeweller
  • Calibre Gems

    Dealing in fine gem stones and jewellery. Contact Information u GR-04 c Calibre Gems t 07905 884226 e Contact Jeweller
  • Diamond and Gems International

        Contact Information u GR-33 c Diamond and Gems International t e Contact Jeweller
  • Diamond Mart

    Trading in second hand jewellery, antique jewellery and loose polished diamonds Contact Information u GR-19 c Diamond Mart e Contact Jeweller
  • Diamonds and Jewellery Clearance

        Contact Information u GR-32 c Diamonds and Jewellery Clearance t e Contact Jeweller
  • Doctor FX

    Foreign Currency Exchange.   Contact Information u GR-17 c Doctor FX t 07956 536856 Contact Jeweller
  • Dust of Gold Ltd

        Contact Information u GR-29 c Dust of Gold Ltd t e www. Contact Jeweller
  • Emporium & Boutique 36 Admin Office

    Contact Information u LG-04/05 c Emporium & Boutique 36 Admin Office t 0207 362 1818 e Contact Jeweller
  • Fairhazel Design Ltd

    18ct and platinum fine jewellery. Bespoke service, CAD design. We have large stocks of certificated diamonds and are a major supplier of coloured stones to the trade.   Contact Information u GR-36 c Fairhazel Design Ltd t 0207 405 4981 e www. Contact Jeweller
  • Gems & Gold Jewellers UK Ltd

    Manufacturer and order supplier. Deal in all kinds of precious, semi precious stones and jewellery.   Contact Information u GR-14A/B c Gems & Gold Jewellers UK Ltd t 07529 877770 e Contact Jeweller
  • Gold and Diamond

    Dealers of polished diamonds & gold coins/bars etc. Cash buyers of scrap gold and bullion @ 97.5% of gold price.   Contact Information u GR-26 c Gold and Diamond t 07515 367723 e Contact Jeweller
  • Guardian of Time

  • Hands Personal Jewellery

    Contact Information u LG-08 c Hands Personal Jewellery Contact Jeweller
  • Imperial Watches & Jewellery

    We stock brand new 18ct & 14ct gold and stainless steel watches at great prices. Also a large range of diamond jewellery. All watch repairs undertaken. Watch batteries and straps while you wait.   Contact Information u GR-21 c Imperial Watches & Jewellery t 0207 831 6620 e Contact Jeweller
  • J. Taylor

    I will pay £1.00 per gram over the gold price for your gold, opening charms, dress rings, masonic jewellery, 18ct gold crest rings & cufflinks.   Contact Information u GR-15/16 c J. Taylor t 07850 444888 e Contact Jeweller
  • Jewels R Us Ltd

    We buy and sell, gold, diamonds and semi precious stones. We sell second hand jewellery at great prices.   Contact Information u GR-35 c Jewels R Us Ltd t 07412 135805 e Contact Jeweller
  • Julie’s Jewels & Antiques

    Best price paid for gold and diamonds We pay cash for gold Buy & Sell all types of jewellery, antiques, watches, silver, designer handbags, shoes, clothes at very good prices Contact Information u GR-08/09 c Julie’s Jewels & Antiques t 07850 745670 e Contact Jeweller
  • L. M. Jewellery Ltd

    UK’s leading manufacturer of diamond set jewellery. Suppliers of loose diamonds in all shapes and sizes. STRICTLY TRADE ONLY   Contact Information u LG-01/02/03 c L. M. Jewellery Ltd t 0207 404 0374 e www. Contact Jeweller
  • M. Nightingale Ltd

    Diamond and Precious Stones Jewellery Retail and Manufacture Antique Silver and Jewellery Pawnbroker Cash Loans Purchases Antique Gold & Silver, Precious Metals and Loose Diamonds and Jewellery Contact Information u GR-12/13 c M. Nightingale Ltd t 07909 911999 / 07778 230600 e / Contact Jeweller
  • MNM Ceylon Gems & Jewellery

    Specialist in sapphires and jewellery. Contact Information u GR-05 c MNM Ceylon Gems & Jewellery t 0207 242 2464 e www. Contact Jeweller
  • Molly & Sons Jewellery Ltd

    High quality jewellery, precious stones.   Contact Information u GR-24/25 c Molly & Sons Jewellery Ltd t 07915 670366 e www. Contact Jeweller
  • Nick Jewellery

        u GR-27 p 07850 825303 Contact Jeweller
  • Nick’s Jewellery

        Contact Information u GR-27 c Nick’s Jewellery t 07850 825303 e Contact Jeweller
  • Photoicon Jewellery Lazer Engraving

    Specialised in jewellery lazer engraving & cutting. Rings inside and outside text. Personalised wedding rings. Signet rings, pendants, lockets, ID bracelets, cufflinks. Name pendant cutting. Trade & public welcome.   Contact Information u LGL-01 c Photoicon Jewellery Lazer Engraving t 0207 404 5044 e w i On Instagram f On Facebook Contact Jeweller
  • Premium Jewellers Ltd

    We provide precious gemstone and diamond jewellery, in both loose and finished settings. Precious gems including rubies, emeralds and sapphires to dazzling aquamarines and topaz.   Contact Information u GR-02A/03 c Premium Jewellers Ltd t 0207 998 8200 e www. Contact Jeweller
  • River Mounts Jewellery

    TRADE ONLY   Contact Information u LGL-02/03/04 c XMC Contact Jeweller
  • Silver Marcasite Jewellery

    We specialize in selling the finest quality sterling silver bracelets, rings and earrings.   Contact Information u LG-11 c Silver Marcasite Jewellery www. Contact Jeweller
  • Star Watches

        Contact Information u GR-30 c Star Watches t e Contact Jeweller
  • The Watch Guys

      Specialists in luxury watches. BUY, SELL, TRADE. Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, Cartier and many more……………   Contact Information u LG-10 c The Watch Guys t 0207 242 5643 m 07948 504476/07506 717033 Contact Jeweller
  • Tic-Toc-Man Watch Repairs

    Guaranteed repair, maintenance and case refurbishments of all quality watches. Battery replacement and water proof tests while-u-wait. Calf, crocodile, lizard, rubber and branded straps………… All at Tic-Toc-Man   Contact Information u LG-06/07 c Tic-Toc-Man Watch Repairs t 00 44 (0) 20 7430 9611 e www. Contact Jeweller
  • Vogue London

        Contact Information u GR-01 c t e Contact Jeweller